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You may already have heard that when business travel is a part of your life, an external battery charger will become your new best friend, but there is a reason beyond being able to keep up with your texts, emails and phone calls when working abroad that will help you to understand why a power bank is so important.

Get Organized When Traveling for Work

Having to spend hours at a time waiting in airports, flying from one destination to the next, and transferring from one business class flight to another while still keeping up with everything you need to get done in a day can be challenging, to say the least. You need to get organized and stay that way in order to get the job done. If you’re like most people, that means that you’re constantly scheduling, communicating and completing a range of other tasks on your smartphone and, likely, a tablet as well.

With all that strain on the device battery, it feels as though it can take only moments before even your longest lasting device will run out of juice. While you may think of these as a considerable inconvenience, there is another reason that you’re going to want to be able to recharge the device when you travel.

Many times, due to TSA regulations, any flights coming into the United States will involve the potential for additional screening. A component of that process can include having to turn on any or all of your electronic devices to prove that they are as they appear to be. If they don’t turn on, you won’t be allowed to bring the device with you on the flight. Therefore, if you have spent most of your day on business travel and have drained your smartphone, you will need to make sure you have a way to give it enough of a charge to power up again or you could end up losing it or having to mail it to yourself.

The same can be said about your tablet, laptop, or any other gadgets you have that are electronic and run on batteries. If you do have quite a few gadgets with you, then you’re not just going to want to have a portable battery charger with you. You’re going to want to have a powerful one. This will help you to know that you’ll be able to give all of your devices enough charge that they will be able to start up when needed, no matter how much you’ve needed to run them until then.